Cherry blossoms – decorating Hamar in the spring.


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Hi there!

Hamar has really flourished with all its cherry blossoms everywhere. They are so pretty! The first time I ever discovered these flowers was when I lived in London. I really loved the spring in London when all the pink flowers coloured every single park in London! Now I have a really good reason to love the spring here in Hamar aswell since they have planted so many of them here.

Here are some photos I have taken of the cherry blossoms here in Hamar.

Cherryblossoms_Hamar_rosa_blomster_flowers_tree_tre_Norway_spring_vår_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_03 Cherryblossoms_Hamar_rosa_blomster_flowers_tree_tre_Norway_spring_vår_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_01 Cherryblossoms_Hamar_rosa_blomster_flowers_tree_tre_Norway_spring_vår_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_02

Hope you like them!

– Maria

Oh, it’s growing!


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I’ve planted some seed some few weeks ago. Here is a photo of one of my sunflowers.


I can not wait till it is fully grown. I planted one sunflower last year as well and it got huge!

Hope you like it! :)

– Maria

Easter Vacation 2016


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Hi there you guys!


I’ve been in the cabin in the mountain this Easter. My uncles cabin does not have any electricity or water. There was also no phone reception in the area. I switched off my phone and using any other electrical devices over time was impossible. It is nice to just switch off everything once in a while. I called it a technological detox, and it is really relaxing.


My boyfriend and I have been cross country skiing and exploring the mountain. We wanted to try to make it to the top of the mountain called Bringen this year. But it was windy and I got a bit nervous while climbing up and preparing myself to ski down from the top AND afraid of been taken by an avalanche. So we turned a bit to early. The mountain is about 1060 meters over sea level, and we probably made it to 850 meters. :P



This is the view from where we decided to turn and ski down. This photo is taken with a GoPro.


And here is a selfie of us while climbing up.


We have decided to try it in the summer instead, gain more knowledge about avalanches through a course and buy more equipment like one more
avalanche transceiver. You kind of feel a bit lonely out there when you are only two in the big wilderness. It is positive to have more knowledge and good equipment when you explore the wild nature alone.

Here are some more photos from our vacation.

Here is a drawing I made of my uncles dog. He is a Gordon Setter, and he used to come with us to the cabin. I made this drawing some years ago and gave it to my uncle as a gift this Easter.
Drawing_dog_Gordon_setter_artwork_pencil_Tegning_Hund_kunst_blyant_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_02Here is my wonderful uncle. :)

And here is a photo shoot by my boyfriend.


Hope you too had a great Easter. :)

Hope you like my photos!

– Maria

Owl drawing


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Hi you guys!

Finally I made a new owl in my art journal. Look how cute he is!


Here is another photo of the drawing.


Hope you like it!

– Maria

Hi! It is almost Easter.


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Hi guys!

Wow, I can not believe the last time I updated my blog was Christmas! Now it is almost Easter!  I know I need to start to posting blog posts more regular. It is just so hard when I have so much things to do, and so much things I want to do.

Do you follow me on Instagram? I recommend you to follow me if you wish to get more regular updates from me. It is so much easier to post a photo there than posting high quality photos here and write a post! But I will try to post more regular here! :)

So what has happened lately? Well I have been working with a transmedia project for Fabelaktiv, and now I am working 60% as a project manager for Vixel. Since I am only working 60% at the moment I hope I can become more active on my blog. :) Fingers crossed!

Other things.. I have been a little creative in my walk in closet..


And I have been skiing a lot! A lot and a lot! The snow arrived quite late here, but we got snow after new year. We hope the snow will not melt away just yet, because skiing is so fun!

I am really looking forward to the Easter. Here is a photography I shot last year.


You can read and see more from last year here.

I am hoping this Easter will be as good as last year.

– Maria

Merry Christmas!


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Hi you guys!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


Here is a photo of the Christmas tree from my uncles livingroom. This is where we celebrated Christmas this year. A very nice evening indeed!

What did you give to your family this year? I’m so sick and tired of buying materialistic things, therefore I gave my hole family a ticket to a film on the cinema. I think it is much better to give something we can experience together as a family since we do not see each other as often as we wish, instead of giving items when they have so much stuff already. :)

– Maria

Christmas Market in Trondheim


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Hi guys!

Some few days ago my family and I went to the Christmas and farmers market in my childhood city, Trondheim. It was a very rainy day, but also a very tasty day. You have no idea how much food I ate.  :D

Here are some photos!



After walking around buying food and stuff, we went to a huge lavvo where it was a lot of benches to sit down, eat food, listen to live music and get some heat from all the fireplaces.

Fireplace_in_lavvo_tent_Trondheim_Christmas_Maria_Christina_Heidemann One of plenty fireplaces in the lavvo.


A guy singing.Fire_Family_in_tent_Maria_Christina_Heidemann

My dad, sister and uncle.

The snow has still not arrived here. :( Lets hope it will arrive tomorrow.
– Maria

Huh!? It’s Christmas soon?


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Hehe! Hi there!

It’s been months since my last blog post, I know… Starting working again really is time consuming! Haha! I am having a great time working, but this blog has really been neglected. Not only my blog, but also when it comes to photographing or drawing..

The only thing I have to share with you are my latest photos.. From the autumn.. Haha!


IMG_3260_liten IMG_3277_liten

There you go! Hope you like them!

I don’t have any other photos from the winter or anything. There is no snow at the moment anyway, so these photos from the autumn are much better than new photos of how it looks outside today. It’s only dark, grey and sad.. Let us hope the snow will arrive just in time for Christmas!

– Maria


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