Back in the old days


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Nothing is more exciting than visiting an old Norwegian log house in Modum where the old buildings from the mining and industrial company, Blaafarveværket is located.

It is fascinating to see how people used to live like just a hundred years ago. It is easy to see how hard it used to be back in the old days, but the houses and items from these days are really beautiful.

– Maria

Purple and thorny, but not a rose


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I bet most people like me would call it a weed. I do not even know its name, but even though most people would say it is ugly, I think it is beautiful in its own way.

– Maria

Photos from Håøya


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Hi there!

Here are some photographs from our sailboat trip in the Oslofjord. We visited an island called Håøya; a magical island in my opinion!


While exploring the island we discovered two fawns hiding in the grass. We were very close and they did not move at all until I was finished shooting pictures of them. I was so exited and my hands were shaking. I did not want to scare them. Taking a picture of them was hard, and most of the photos are blurry. :-D This is the best photography.


Since I was a little child I always enjoyed collecting crabs from the beach. Here are some having a little photoshoot with me.


Wild strawberries are the best berries in the world. There are plenty of them on this island.


A cool looking log.


Colorline Fantasy making huge waves. We had to run away from our spot not to get hit by the massive waves. :-D


There are 160 (?) goats on the island where they graze to reduce ticks. The farmer runs a shop on Håøya where he is selling bread, yoghurt, cheese and other stuff made with goat milk.


The sailboat. Håøya_Sunset_Sailboad_Sailing_Waterscape_Evening_Sun_Sky_Norway_Oslofjorden_Maria_Christina_Heidemann

A sailboat sailing in the sunset.



Hope you like the pictures. :)

– Maria

Owl Mug


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Do you recognize this owl. It is my owl drawing!Owl_mug_drawing_zazzle_Maria_Christina_Heidemann

I have a store at where you can buy stuff with this owl drawing print. I made it a while ago and have been selling some few stuff. This is the first time I buy something from myself. It is really cool to have something with a print from my own drawing. :)

Hope you like it!

– Maria

Homemade door sign


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I want to show you the door sign I have at my apartment. House_sign_door_handcraft_homemade We did not want a regular door sign. Wanted something creative, homemade and unique.

I hope you like it!

– Maria

Easter 2015


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Being up in the mountain, turning my phone off and just live. That is what I have been doing this Easter. It has been a good Easter.

easter_cross_skiing_ski_nature_norway_snow_landscape__Selbu_TrOndelag_mountain_dramatic_sky_cloud_sun_animal_trace_photography_Maria_Christina_Heidemann easter_cross_skiing_ski_nature_norway_snow_landscape_Selbu_TrOndelag_mountain_dramatic_photography_Maria_Christina_Heidemann easter_cross_skiing_ski_nature_norway_snow_landscape_Selbu_TrOndelag_mountain_dramatic_photography_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_02

The Norwegian nature is powerful and beautiful and I am so lucky to live here.

I hope you had a great Easter too!

– Maria

My new portfolio is online!



Maria_Christina_Heidemann_Portfolio_Webpage_Online_2015It is not 100% perfect but it is good enough to be uploaded and published. Please check it out at, and please give me some feedback. It will help me make the webpage work and look much better.

I also have to thank my good friend and colleague, Håvard Kindem,  who helped me with the coding for this webpage. He is awesome!

More stuff will be added in the future. Stay tuned!

– Maria

New Webpage coming soon!


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Hi you guys!

I know, I have not updated my blog for a while now… and I know I promised to update it more often..

Anyway, I have some news for you; I am making a new portfolio webpage, and it is coming soon. Here is a screenshot of how it will look like! :)

New webpageSimple and clean.

Stay tuned!

– Maria

Collection of my best Photographs


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You probably remember my post “My BEST Photographs“. I have been browsing through my photographs since I got my new lense and must admit my photograph skills has improved. Here is a new collection of one my best photographs. Fireworks_lights_New_Year_2014_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_01 Maria_Christina_Heidemann_Self_portrait_Photo_Camera_holding_Canon_02 White_Horse_Pony_Prince_Eyes_Close_up_Maria_Christina_Heidemann Parrot_red_green_two_toghether_zoo_big_colorful_awesome_photo_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_01 Blomst_Close_up_Hamar_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_02 Horse_Photo_Black_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_04 Horse_Photo_Black_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_03 Fire_dancing_man_dark_night_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_01 chameleon_Green_animal_sitting_stick_Kristiansand_Zoo_Dyrepark_Maria_Christina_HeidemannHope you like them! :) – Maria

Thought of You


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The best inspiration in the world for me is this short film. I think it is a great piece of art. The animations are just amazing and the story is actually really beautiful.

This short film has been my favorite inspiration for a couple of years now, and it is more special for me today. The story in this film is a sad story. One of the reasons I remember this story so well is because of the end. And the truth is that I kind of never really understood the story and its end util I experienced the story in my own life. Falling in love with someone who really worked hard to get your love, and when you finally fall in love in this person, this person do not want you anymore. This was my biggest fear for many years, and I knew this would happen to me someday. And it did.

To be honest I am more than happy it happened to me. I have never been happier in my life. Today I wish it happened to me earlier. This is the reason why I love this film so much.

Everyday when I have a bad start at work I always turn on the song from this film and then everything feels a bit better.

– Maria


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