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Hi everyone!

I have been thinking about blogging this whole week but never sat down to do it.  I decided to write about everything I have been thinking writing about in this post. :-P and try not to make it look messy….

Not happy with my photo prints.

Remember the photos I delivered for printing. I got them now and I am not happy with the result. The prints are dark, and the white balance is wrong. It is boring because I have to print them out again for the exam, which is waste of money.

I also realized I have to brighten the digital photos. They were a bit dark as well.

The photos above are before, and the photos underneath are after some tweaking. Hmm.. what do you think? Did it help?

I also got in touch with the sales manager for the printing company. She read my tweet on Twitter complaining about them. Hehe.. I guess it was bad PR for them.

The lady gave me some tips which might come in handy. :-) Remember to calibrate your screen and ask for a print test to see if you are happy with the result.

Valentines Day

My boyfriend gave me roses! I have never expected roses before and therefore I did not have any vase to put them in. The only thing I had big enough and close enough to a vase was a thermos. Hehe… and after a day they almost died! I do not know how to keep flowers alive but my boyfriends grandfather gave me some useful tips and I actually managed to save some of the roses. :-)

I gave my boyfriend a lovely breakfast on the bed the day after. :-)

do not push anyone in to a door handle

Just sayng! Someone did that to me last weekend on a party and I broke my rib bone! It is really painful! It hurts to cough, sneeze, and worst of all, laugh! :-( My doctor told me it will be painful for two weeks and take 5 to 6 week to heal. I’m moving like an old grandmother :-P. almost everything hurts at the moment.

My awesome drawing skills!

My friends and I sometimes get together and draw on our laptops.  I drew a cat! :-)


My friends had some fun drawing together on the same drawing :-P Take a look at the result.

Hehe! Yngvar and Tobias are really talented when it comes to drawing. I am so jealous! Take a look at Yngvar’s work on DeviantArt.

– Maria