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Hi everyone! I’m back in Norway again! It took some few days to get out of the Jet-lag, but I’m back on track now and want to tell you about my little vacation.

The last times I have been travelling alone to the Philippines, but this time I was with my sister. Having company made the trip feel shorter, although she was sleeping all the way.

My sister took some pictures of the aircrafts we were flying with. We were flying with Qatar Airways.

Flying with them is Ok. This time we were only one hour late compaired to last time when I lost my flight connection because of the first flight’s several hours delay, which made me get stuck in Doha for 24 hours. Luckily it did not happen this time.

When we arrived at the airport in Cebu, we realized that no one knew we arrived that day. No one came to the airport to pick us up! So I had to rent a car to my grandmothers house. I had never traveled around in this country without someone being my lifeguard, and translator. The driver managed to get me there even though it was a bit hard to understand each other some times.

When we got there I was very happy. It was nice to see everyone again! Finally we could relax and be with our mum and grandmother again.

The day after arriving the whole family went to the beach to have a nice time. We grilled fish and had fun swimming. The water was really nice and warm. I managed to burn my self on a jellyfish. It was fun to see everyone’s reaction when I told my mother. My sister was so terrified that she refused to swim again, but I managed to get her out in the water after a little while.

Another day I got to meet a friend of mine. I haven’t seen her in 7 years. The first time I met her I was only 15 years old. It was fun to see her again, and to see what she is doing now. She showed me the area where she is working at the moment. I think it is called I.T park? It is where all the big companies are and it is filled with skyscrapers.

After showing me the park she took me to waterfront hotel (one of the most expensive hotels in Cebu) to see a concert. It was called “The circle of life”, and was very religious, but nice.

After the concert we went to a restaurant at The Waterfront called The Port. I really recommend anyone who is travelling to Cebu to visit this restaurant. Everyone working there was wearing sailors costumes.

When I was in the Philippines I had to work with a photo assignment. It was about portrait in an environment. My tutor and classmates wanted to see some of the culture, therefore I decided to take pictures of someone making straw hats. There is a mountain called Tolo-tolo not far from my grandmothers house, which is speacially known for making these hats called “sarokk”, made of bamboo.

The people in Tolo-tolo are nice and they gave me a “sarokk”! I’m going to write more about my assignment in an another post.

Most of the days we were shopping at SM and Ayala. The thing  about The Philippines is that compared to Norway everything is very cheap. Jeans, sunglasses, shoes, bags, suitcases is some of the things I have been spending money on in The Philippines. Another thing I love about The Philippines is that they mostly have clothes that fits me. Which can be a problem in Norway since I’m very small. So if you are in the Philippines one day, shop until you drop. And when you feel that you are about to drop, drop in to a cafe and charge your batteries with a smoothie or a cappuccino.

The last day we went to Santo Niño to see the statue of Santo Niño and light candles of for people that means a lot to us. I am not a catholic but I like the atmosphere in this church.

And then it was about time to get home to Norway!

I took some really nice photos from this trip, and have created another post where you can view them. Please click here to view them.

you can also read about another trip to the Philippines here.

– Maria