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At the moment I am working with my portfolio and is currently working on a private project on my own. I downloaded some free rigs from the internet to have something to work with (I’m not talented when it comes to rigging, and I don’t like doing it either).

I downloaded these two rigs for this project. They are really good! I think it is one of the best rigs I have ever tried.

The rigs are downloaded from www.creativecrash.com. You can find the rig for the dragon here, and the ball here.

Before I started animating I started sketching out how I want the story to be, and writing a little bit about the characters. 
I named the dragon Maya, and is a female, although it’s originally named Nico by it’s creator.  I wanted Maya to act like a cat. In the beginning she looks very scary for the little ball which is being hunted down by her. But all she’s doing is playing with it just like a kitten plays around. After Maya catches the ball, she thinks she killed it. Maya gets sad, because it was not her intentions. The ball is only pretending to be dead, and runs of when it gets the chance.

This is how my simple storyboard looks like.- Or it’s more like thumb nailing.

I also made a simple Animatic to plan out my animation.

While blocking out I have also been looking at  video references. Since the dragon had a personality like a cat I wanted her to move like a cat. Therfore I looked at  cat videos on youtube and vimeo.

Well, I think I am struggling to get the perfect landing on my dragon at the moment.

I have also tried to act out how a cat walks like…  I wish I had a cat and a slow motion camera to get all the references I need.

This is a simple render of my block out.

I am trying to add as many details I can add in this stage to make it easier when I start smoothing the curves. Since I’m a perfectionist, there is a lot of things I still want to fix before I feel I can move on the the next animation stage. For instance I want to change some camera angles, and I have to fix the movements when it is getting ready to sit down. I also have to fix the ball which is moving position when it is squashed by the paws of the dragon.

I will give you more updates about this project when I get some more progress! :-)

Stay tuned!

– Maria