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The gathering is now over. They closed the doors 13:00.  I left quite early – during the night. I really enjoyed being on The Gathering! It was fun and exiting! Most of the time I was animating and watching the shows they had on the big scene. Originally this event is for gaming. I did not game that much, but I did game Aion for the first time.

I love the atmosphere at The Gathering. Everyone is happy and hyper! And it was fun to hear 4000-5000 people scream the name “ARNE!!!” in choir. Which has been a TG-thing in 10 years now. And did I mention that TG is 20 years old this year?

The internet we had was 200 Gbit/s. At one moment the participants at TG used more internet than the Norwegian country was using all together.
I also met an old friend from Trondheim when I was there. I think I haven’t seen him in 5 years!

I made a collage of some of the pictures I took during the event. Have a look!

All in all it was an awesome event!

If you want to read and see more pictures from TG click herehere and here. You can also read about TG on The gatherings offical website.

– Maria