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Hi everyone!

I am working with my typology assignment now, and are trying to figure out what I am going to do whit the final product.

Read more about my assignment here to fully understand my assignment.

The first thing I did was to test out a typology of different skateboards.

I figured out that I wanted to take picture of different persons holding different skateboards. And here is the test of that.

but then the tutor said that it would be much more interesting to see the whole person holding the skateboard. Here is the test of that.

but I was unsure if that would be a little boring compared to when I only show the skateboard and some part of the person.

I also came with an idea that it would be cool to take pictures of 6 different persons doing the same tricks with the skateboard.

The collage below is a picture of the same person doing the same trick. but he is doing it three different times. Imagine yourself how cool it would be with three different person doing the same trick.

Now I am going to work with that and see how it goes.

Wish me good luck!

– Maria