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I have to deliver my Typology assignment on Tuesday. You can read more about my assignment on the post  Typology; Skateboards, Typology: Skateboarder assignment, Me and my camera, Skateboard Tyoplogy.

This is what I have done recently.

  • On the first row, the persons was told to just stand and relax with their skateboard.
  • On the second row, the persons was told to show off their skateboard and be proud of it.
  • On the third row, the persons was told to be a cool and handsome, and are going to flirt with a girl.. Haha!

Well.. I asked around to see which row people like. And most people like the second row. Personally I like that row best aswell.

I made a collage with only the pictures from the second row, and placed the persons  a bit different to create more balance.

The temporary title for my assignment is now “Grab” from where you grab your board while doing some awesome tricks. I think it fits well, as they are grabbing their board.. I hope it works.. If you have a better idea please tell me.

Hope you like my work.

– Maria