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Hi there!

Most of you might remember my animation project (that never gets finished… Hehe… ). I’ve tried to fix the problem I had with the characters not casting shadows. After some chatting with an old classmate of mine who also knows Maya, I got some tips which helped me fix the problem.. Wii!

Today I rendered the clip. It took forever because Maya decided to crash several times. And sometimes it only wanted to render one frame although the settings were correct.. It is a bit annoying when you get these random problems.. Hehe.. but now.. finally it is here… uploaded on vimeo.. with shadow!

Maya The Dragon part1 with shadow from Maria Christina Heidemann on Vimeo.

The lighting and shadow is only basic and maybe not brilliant, but remember that I try to specialize in animation. And animation is what I wish to spend most of my time with.

I would love to get some feedback on the animations which will help me become better and help the animation look better. :) Hehe! I see something I need to fix; the blink on the dragon at the end of the clip.

You might also think “when will she ever get finished with the whole clip?” Well, this project has not exactly been a priority as I have had several other things to take care of in my life these passed months, but I will try to find more time for it the coming week. :-)

If you wish to read more about my project click here.

Stay tuned!

– Maria