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Hi there!
Long time no see. I haven’t been writing in over two weeks now.

Lately I have been with my boyfriends family. I also went on a vacation with them. It was my first time in Denmark.

The first day I woke up really early in the morning by a sound. I looked out of the window and saw a horse. It turned out that it was lost.

I was pretty exited when I found him because my childhood dream kind of came true. Hehe! When I was a little girl I loved horses. I dreamt that someday a horse would come to me and then it would be mine. Just as in all horse films: You find a horse which is lost or something and in the end of the film you get that horse. But I knew that in reality it never ends like it does in films. I did not get the horse in the end.

Poor horsey had a rope tied pretty tight around his neck, but we managed to fix it.

We took the horse to an equestrian center nearby. Since it was really early in the morning there was no people working there at that time. Therefore we placed the horse in an enclosure and came back later that day. When we came back later, it turned out that it did not belong there, but the people working there had called the police and found the owner. The horse has actually been there before and it tend to run away often.

The rest of the vacation I enjoyed being with my boyfriends family. Close to our house we had this really long and beautiful beach.

And we were blessed with lovely weather and beautiful sunsets.

Well.. Hope you like my pictures and my little story.. Hehe. More stuff will be published soon – so, stay tuned!

– Maria