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Hi everyone!
During this summer I have taken a massive amount of pictures of my boyfriend windsurfing. We have been surfing a lot this summer…. or he has, and I have been struggling with basics like getting the sail up, and just sail properly. It is really hard. In the beginning I was almost fighting with the wind, but now, I have learned to use the wind and become it’s friend. Hihi! But I still have a long way to go though.

When I was tired and not bothered to go out in the cold water I took some pictures of my handsome boyfriend windsurfing (and his brother.. and father…).

Hope you like my photos! It is really hard to take pictures when they are surfing because they are far from the beach and I have a really bad lens. The pictures I am sharing here are pictures taken while he’s close to the beach.

Handsome <3

I took some pictures of some random kiters as well! It looks really cool and I wish I could try that one day. 

Unfortunately there is no pictures of me windsurfing!

Stay tuned folks! I have lot of things that I wish to share with you in the near future! Pinky-promise!

– Maria