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Because of this cute fellah….

I’ve become a huge cat lover.

He was my sisters cat. But he disappeared and never returned. He was a cat with a great personality. He loved to play and cuddle.

And because of him I have made so many cat drawings.

Rest in peace Lurven

I made this drawing of Lurven as a tribute to him. I think that Lurven might be dead but I hope he is still alive. I have heard several stories of cats retuning home after a year or two, and even longer than that.

This is a drawing of the neighbours cat when he still was only a kitten. His name is Prikken and is still alive. This drawing is only a quick sketch. I think I used about 10-15 minutes to finish it.

This drawing is a drawing of an illustration from a book called ” Anatomy Drawing School”. The illustration in the book shows the muscles of the cat.

This is a drawing of a cheetah I made. I used this photo as a reference. I used several hours to complete the drawing.

Sometimes I make drawings of cats with cartoon style. Here is one of them.

And here is another one with a different character.

And I have these really basic silhuett cat drawings that I have recently shared with you earlier this summer.

Lets hope there will be more cat drawings from me and that my skills as an artist will develop and become awesome one day.

Also visit my deviantart and portfolio page for more stuff!!!!

Stay tuned! Peace and love…

– Maria