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As some of you might have noticed, I have another wordpress blog: Maria’sLittle Game. I made that blog when I had a course called animation and interactivity 1 while I was studying Animation. I learned basic action script and to animate in Adobe Flash. It was a really fun and frustrating course at the same time.

The game is about a bunny who wants to collect carrots, and has to avoid the fox to stay alive. A really simple idea..

This is the first concept art I made for my game. Please check out the blog I made for this game. You will see how I was working and what I learned. My whole process is there. If you are curious about which codes I used or how I figured out which codes I had to use, it is all in that blog.

If you want to play the game. Click on the link and you can open it on my server. WordPress for some reason wont embed the game in to the blog.

Remember to read the instructions: 
Click on the frame to make it possible to move the character. 
Move the character with the arrows
Hit up to jump and avoid the fox. 
Refresh the page to restart.

When you are playing the game you might think that it is impossible to avoid the fox.. It is hard… but not impossible. It is all about timing. :-)

I wish I could finish the game, and make it a lot better than it is now, but I’ll need some help from someone who knows action script better then me. I wish I understood more action script. It is really hard and I am not talented when it comes to coding. What I am pleased with is that I am very proud of this game. I actually made this game!!! Who could believe that? I love the colours, and the animations are good… but there are some things in the animation that would like to I improve, like the fox. But have in mind that I had short time left when I was animating him.

I also wish in the future that I could make more sweet and cute little games.

So what do you guys think? I really hope you liked it!

More games related blog post will be posted soon so…. Stay tuned!

– Maria