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For all of you who clicks on my photos and saves them on your computer! You are not allowed to do so!! All the pictures I post on my blog belongs to me! The only way you are allowed to use them is by my permission! If I find any of my photos or other content that belongs to me other places than my deviantart, my blog or my facebook, I will report it to the police! 

Many of you might wonder why I write this post. It is because I can see everything that is happening on my blog. I can see how many who have visited my blog every day, which country they are from, which post they read, who referred to my blog, what search terms they used to find my blog, AND which photos and files you are clicking on!

I might be paranoid but I do not think this is a coincidence. Today I have had 12 visit from Brazil, and some few from my own country, and the states. Anyway… not many people clicks and saves my pictures, and usually it is not of my boyfriend. Most of the time it is my drawings or maybe a tutorial and other stuff.. but when I have 12 visits from Brazil, and all the clicks are of my boyfriend!!! and only my boyfriend, nothing else!!! I think it is really freaky and scary!!!

I have heard so many scary stories about people stealing someones identity. Using someones pictures on the internet making other people believe it is them. And then defraud innocent people. Well it is not only bad for the people who is getting defraud, but also for the person who has been stolen the identity from. Other people might think it is him who defraud the people, and that might make that person loose it’s job or having difficulties getting a job in the future.

The other thing is that if that happens to my boyfriend, my friends or me, it is kind of my fault as well because I was the one who posted the photos on my blog in the first place. I never wished that someone else would save the pictures on their computer and maybe use them as their own on the internet or whatever. I only wanted to share my passion for photography with other people who also has a passion for photography. I also wanted to show my followers, friends and family all the fun stuff I do, and give them a little glimpse of my life.

The reason there is many pictures of my boyfriend on my blog is that he is one of the most important person in my life right now. I am really proud to have him as my boyfriend and feels lucky to be his girlfriend. I have never been so in love with someone in my life before. He means a lot to me.

I am showing the pictures that has been taken today, so you know which photos I am talking about. If you see these photos other places except my blog, his facebook or my deviant art, they are stolen. Please tell me if you see them. It could be anywhere, date sites for instance….

And if you have any tips that will help me avoid this in the future, I am happy to hear them. Now I am linking all my photos to my deviantart, with watermark, and making it impossible to download the full size image to the computer..

I hope that I am paranoid, and that nothing has really happened, but I hope that this post will inform others who find those photos other places. And seriously, ask me if you want to use my pictures somewhere!!!!! or want to save them on your pc!

– Maria Christina Heidemann