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I promised you a post where I would write more about my portfolio website.
You can visit my website at www.marichris.com.

As you maybe already have noticed, the background is a texture of paper. I wanted the background to be a canvas for my actual work featuring on the site. I did not want the layout design to be colorful to draw all the attention away from the actual work.

I drew everything, even the writings. I do not think there is many websites out there that is drawn. Especially the writings. It makes the website more personal and original.

The drawings on the bottom is my little “fantasy world”. Without drawings the site layout would look boring.

There are also some drawings of me there. Wishing you welcome to the site and presenting me. which also makes it more personal.

The box featuring my work is called fancybox. If you are making a private website not for commercial use it is free. I advice you to check it out. It is really good and support almost everything.

Only my best work will be featured on my portfolio. There will be more content uploaded. A showreel will be coming as soon as possible.

I hope you like it. I used a lot of time on it.

– Maria