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Since I was little I have always been creative. I loved to draw and this is something I have been doing my whole life.

To be honest I think my drawing skills are a lot better than my digital drawing skills. Probably because I have been doing it more, and I almost never draw digitally. But last week I experienced something that really made me wish I drew more digital….

The boring thing about traditional drawing is that there is no “ctrl + Z” in the real world. You have the eraser off course but sometimes that is not enough to fix something wrong on you drawings. You also do not have any backup of you drawings which you usually have of your files on the computer. So if something happens with the drawing, it is destroyed forever!!!! And all the hours put in to your work is wasted!

Well that happened to me this week!

I drew this drawing, it is not finished yet, and I was about to finish it when  I managed to get blue tack smudged over my drawing!! And there was nothing I could do to fix it!! I seriously hate the feeling I get when something like that happens…. baaaah!

So I do not feel like drawing for a while now……….

Have a wonderful Sunday!

– Maria