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Guess what???

I was in the newspaper this Tuesday!


It is in the context of my job. You can read more about my job here.

“Risse  is ready to enter the big world!” :-) We are going to release a comic book soon, and Risse is going to be the mascot for the Norwegian Ski Championships! 

The only thing I am going to be picky about in this article is that they managed to write my name “Christina” wrong, twice. They also managed to write my co-worker’s surname wrong. A little boring.. hehe.. That is why you see some red dots on the picture. :-P

A lot of cool stuff happening, so stay tuned.

Will also be posting a post about something else one day. Something that is not my job… but to be honest I find it really hard to figure out what to share with you guys these days… I’m out of ideas.. So if you have any suggestions, something you are curious about maybe? Just let me know.. and maybe I will write about that.

– Maria