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Yay! It’s my birthday today! Hihi! It’s been a great day. :-D I made myself a drawing! :-D

But I’m not the only one who made me a drawing. My friend Linn Irene made me this wonderful drawing!

And my colleague Knut made me this funny drawing!

Hehe! He drew me as hoodwinked!

Hope you like the drawings! I really loved them! Even the one I drew for myself. :-P

And then I want to thank my boyfriend for being the best boyfriend in the world, for my boss who bought us really cool cupcakes at work. and everyone else wishing me happy birthday! I love you all! <3

Ps: I also want to thank my mother for giving birth to me 24 years ago. It wasn’t an easy one.. It took forever! Hehe..

– Maria