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Hi everyone!

I’m really bad when it comes being active on my blog. I realized that I used to be more active before I got my job, than I am now… Hehe. I think the reason is that before that time I used to work a lot on my portfolio and sometimes post it here in my spare time. but now I am working with my portfolio while I am actually working. It is a really fun job, and I learn a lot. The comic book we are working on will be released soon. It has been a little delayed, but that is because we wanted it to be perfect before we release it.

So, instead of working so much on my portfolio I have actually been gaming in my spare time. We actually got the new Wii U. Hehe! It is really fun! I love Nintendo Land.

I have also been drawing in my spare time lately. :-) What do you think of my artwork?

Look at that little cute lion!


And here is a still life study I made of my teddy bear called “Teddy BjOrn”. He is really cool!


And here is a mixed media of a white dog.


I have been thinking that maybe making some piece of art would be a nice Christmas gift to my family. I think that a gift you have put time into is a lot better gift than a last minute gift. They mean so much more!

Wow! Writing about Christmas really makes me stressed out! I just realized it’s only 14 days left!

Well, I hope you like my drawings!

– Maria