Well, it’s been a while since the last time I have written a post.  I’ve been really busy celebrating Christmas, New Year with my friends and family, and working with the 3d model of Risse.

I wish I could share a picture from the New Years Eve, because I took some really awesome pictures of the fireworks. I also wish I could share some images of how Risse looks like in 3d at the moment, beause I have just finished rigging him. But I can’t share it yet, because….. my computer is broken… :-(  yeah! It is really frustrating because I am supposed to finish an animation of Risse this Friday!!!

At the beginning I was panicing a bit, but now I have realized that I can’t do anything about it. Luckily I am allowed to borrow my boyfriends pc in the evenings after he is finished doing his stuff…. even though I was planning to work 24/7 this is better that not being able to work at all.

Well well, that was the bad news. I’m sorry to “start the new year” this way. But I do actually have good news aswell; Risse in Budorskogen’s comic book has been released! Unfortunatly it is not possible to buy it outside Norway yet. But you can come to the Norwegian skii championship and buy it there.


The pictures of the comic book could be better, but that’s what you get when my computer is broken….

So stay tuned!