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Sorry that I’m really inactive these days, but my computer is still broken….. The motherboard that the service people ordered was also broken, and they had to order a new one. Which make me have to wait even longer. It’s really boring.. I’m not able to do any animation…

I’m hoping that I’ll get my computer back this week. So I can do all the stuff I have to do…

I have some news: Risse in budorskogen has his own blog!! The link is http://www.rissenissen.wordpress.com . Chech it out and stay tuned, because a lot å cool stuff will be posted on his blog. :-)

Also, you have to stay tuned on my blog, because when I get my computer back I will be posting a new animation, a bunch of photograpies, and fixing my portfolio webpage.

I’m sorry there’s no fancy picture on this post, but this is what you get when I’m blogging with my phone… Lets see if I have anything I can share with you on this thing…


Here’s a picture of my awesome computer which has been broken three times. And it’s only almost two years!!! Never buy this pc. It is trouble!

Lets see if there is something else I can share with you…. hmmm.. ah..

If I were a cat I guess this would be a picture of my right now… I think I won’t be blogging anything until I get my pc back… and God knows when that happens… lest pray and hope it helps…