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Hi everyone!

Last week I finally got my computer back!!! Yay! Finally at last. Lets hope this is the last time I have to send it in.

Anyways.. what have I been doing lately? well, I have a lot of stuff to post! But since I got my computer back I have uploaded the finished version of an animation project I almost had a year ago; The dragon animation! It’s just a version where it is fixed a little bit, and this is the last time I will work on it. I need to move on to some other projects now..

Here you have it! I also changed the title of the animation.

If you’re wondering why there is no sound on it, it’s because I have decided not to have sound on it due to my lack of knowledge and skills about sound. I tried, but I felt that the sound made the quality of my animation look bad.. so If there is someone out there who is veryvery skilled, and want to make sounds for my animation feel free to contact me. I won’t pay you, but I will credit you.

I have also been working a lot with the character Risse in Budorskogen. I’ve been spending most of the time before, during and after Christmas, before the computer got broken with the rigging and animation. I have a short animation I made for the Norwegian championship.

I’m not 100% happy with how it is at the moment. A lot of tweaking needs to be done. Which I’ll take care of shortly. I will also fix some bugs and stuff on the rig, and upload a demo of the rig for you shortly. Sooo..

Stay tuned!

– Maria