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Hi everyone, long time no update.. Hehe. Sorry about that. I’ve been so busy. I actually have some news for my dear followers and readers.


Today it was kind of my “last day” at Lille Norge Opplevelser. The reason for this is my trainee position is over this month, and I got the best summer job in the world (or at least in Norway); I got an internship at Norsk Tipping as a game and concept developer!!!!! Hah! You have no idea how many people who applied for this job! It is a very big company in Norway and I can’t wait to start.

So, this means I won’t be able to work at Lille Norge opplevelser and Risse in Budorskogen from now on and in July. But I will be working with our projects with my team during my spare time in the weekends and evenings. The reason for this is because we are working on some really exiting projects at the moment. I can’t let go of this project. I have so much faith in it. :-)

I also hope this project will be helping us get some money in the end of the summer, so that I can come back to Lille Norge opplevelser and continue working there. Or else I have to figure something else to do after this summer. :-(

Anyways! Today we had a great day. We were working really hard, and ate fruits, candy and pizza. We also had a little photo shoot of us as a team.



I have been working on a post about what I have been doing at Lille Norge opplevelser which I will be posting soon, so please stay tuned. I’ve been working on it for days, and I hope you will find it interesting. Hopefully I will also be writing about my internship at Norsk Tipping (it depends what my contract is saying about this).

So, please stay tuned!

Love, Maria.