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Me and my boyfriend have emptied our apartment and stored it because we are going to move somewhere else after the summer, and I’m going to rent a room some other place soon during the summer. Also my boyfriend and many of my friends has left the town, therefore I get a bit bored sometimes. Hehe. But today I figured out since I have so much time and a completely empty apartment, maybe I could practice some self portrait photography.

Gosh it’s hard! And I don’t have my tripod, only a table to place my camera, and I think I need more light to make the pictures less blurry. And I need a reflector!! And then there is another issue, look good on a photography. Hard… I think there is a reason I’m usually behind the camera and not in the front. Hehe.

Maria_Christina_Heidemann_self_portrait_01 Maria_Christina_Heidemann_self_portrait_bored_02

On the last picture here I was really tired. hehe. Maybe I’ll take some better pictures another day.

Tomorrow is the first day of my internship! Wish me good luck!

– Maria