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Hi there dear followers!

I remember I promised you to update you about the summer internship I had this summer, but since I had no internet and because of the high security at Norsk Tipping I failed. What I can share with you is an article written about us in the local newspaper. The article is in Norwegian though… :-P


These are the guys I’ve been working with during my internship. :-) we had so much fun, and we made some really cool stuff during the 5 weeks at Norsk Tipping.

It’s been about a week since the internship ended, and now I’m having my summer vacation at the southern part of Norway, visiting my boyfriend and his family and friends. I kind of promised myself not to do anything job related through my vacation, but since my boyfriend started working I might update my blog sometimes just to keep myself entertained.

Yuup! :-)

– Maria