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Hi everyone!

Sorry, I haven’t posted anything for a while. The past weeks I’ve been very busy; I’ve been sick, and I have also been in Hamar at a job interview, and now my boyfriend is in Trondheim visiting me.


Today I just wanted to share some sketches from my sketchbook I have done these past weeks. You have no idea how many ideas you can get just from drawing and sketching. The sketches doesn’t even need to be really good. One of these sketches are actually the sketch for the “skills and expertise” artwork I did some few weeks ago. The most important thing is that you just draw and let the creativity flow. :-)

So what I want to say to you today is: JUST DRAW. Don’t care about how good it is, or how talented you are. Don’t care what other people think of it. The most important thing is that you are having fun and are being creative. Okey?

– Maria