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Hi you guys!

I know, it’s been a looooong time no see! I’ve been really busy. I got a new job! YAY! It’s a longer internship at Norsk Tipping. :) This time I will be working there for 10 months! :) I’m so happy to be back! I really love this place, and I love the people who are working there.

I also got a new place. This time I live with three others! :) Some of my house mates are cool.. some weird and some cute. Hehe. Yup!

I’ve been using a lot of my time to get settled again. But now, I’m back in Trondheim celebrating Christmas with my family and friends. :)

Hopefully I’ll get more active on my blog again.

I made you this drawing! I hope you like it!


Merry Christmas!

– Maria