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Happy new year everyone!

Here are some pictures I took of my new years eve! I was watching the fireworks in Trondheim at Kristiansten fortress. I was standing right underneath the fireworks. :-) It was an amazing experience.

Fireworks_lights_New_Year_2014_Boche_Maria_Christina_Heidemann (1) Fireworks_lights_New_Year_2014_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_01 Fireworks_lights_New_Year_2014_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_02 Fireworks_lights_New_Year_2014_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_03 Fireworks_lights_New_Year_2014_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_04

Fireworks_lights_New_Year_2014_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_05 Fireworks_lights_New_Year_2014_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_06
There was a guy there who were dancing with the fire. Pretty awesome! I got some really cool pictures of him. Fire_dancing_man_dark_night_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_03



Hope you like my photos! :-) and I hope you had a wonderful evening! :-)

– Maria