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The summer this year has been very cold and cloudy, but finally this week it has been sunny and not a single drop of rain, every single day!

Yesterday I was at Hedmarksvidda, chilling, grilling hot dogs, fishing, harvesting blueberries and photographing the beautiful nature.  I want to share some of my photos and show you how beautiful Norwegian nature is!  

These berries are so yummy! I have harvested about 2 kilos blueberries yesterday, and I probably ate a kilo as well. :)



This is a blueberry bush. They also look pretty nice without the berries.


This is a cloudberry! My uncle and dad loves them. I ate them right away when I found one. They are pretty hard to find. I think people have harvested most of them already.


One fascinating creature near swampy areas and lakes is the firefly! They are really cool! It was really hard photographing them, but I actually managed to get some nice photos!



Blue bellflowers. They are so pretty! I think they used to be my grandmothers favourite.


It is fun to play around with the camera and the focus of the lens. Here are some grass straw.


It is really pretty when focusing on only some straw and have all the other grass blurred out in the background.


When walking back to the car I noticed some trees are actually turning yellow, reminding me the autumn is near. It is kind of sad because the summer has been so cold this year, and now we feel the summer is finally here! But, I can also look forward to it because it is really colourful and beautiful! I can not wait to to photograph the autumn!

I hope my photos inspires you to bring your camera with you and go for a walk yourself!

– Maria