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Yeah, that’s right!


The art journal I have been sharing some of my drawings from had to be replaced. The reason is the paper in the book is very thin. You can only use a pencil to draw on it. You can not use any ink or marker, which is pretty boring. I like using other tools and not only pencil.

Here is a photo of how it looks like when using marker:


I also had another problem with it. I usually use a very soft pencil when I draw. And all the pages got messy because when I drew on another page the soft pencil got rubbed all over the page. I know you can avoid that if you use fixative spray, which I bought the same day I bought a new art journal.

So, I am only going to sketch in the old art journal with pencil, and have a lot of fun in my new art journal with a bunch of other different tools!

I still have alot of different drawings from the old art journal I want to share with you, and I will also post other drawings from this journal here on my blog. :)

Here is a tip from me to you, my dear creative followers: If you are going to buy an art journal, do not buy the cheapest one, because the paper is most likely very thin and that is crap.

– Maria