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Well, at the moment I am in this boring situation of being unemployed. Norsk Tipping could not renew my contract because they have to save money. :(

Being unemployed is really boring. I am sending applications out everywhere I feel I might have a chance to get a job, and I actually started my own business to do freelance jobs and sell some of my artwork. I am a person who need projects and stuff to do, or else I will become depressive. Therefore I would like to change my situation and get a job, or projects through my business as soon as possible. But it is not that easy when I have to wait for answers everywhere! People tell me to keep calm, things will work out, “you just need some ice in your tummy”, which is a Norwegian saying for being patient.

Maria_Christina_Heidemann_I_Stua_Blåbæris_portait_portrett_In_Livingroom_sofa_Blueberry_Ice_Nina_MeyerPhotography: Nina Meyer, Editing: Maria Christina Heidemann

Well, if I am going to have “ice in my tummy”, I really need to eat a lot of ice cream, which is quite unhealthy. Therefore I made my own ice to eat while I patiently wait for things to work out:

I have a lot of blueberries in my freezer after hiking in Hedmarksvidda.


I put some of them in the blender with  other things like yoghurt, lime, honey and vanilla sugar.


I bought some ice shapes and filled them with the blended blueberries,

Ice_cream_shape_form_Maria_Christina_Heidemann placed them in the freezer, and TADA!


I made blueberry ice! :-D Hope it helps!

– Maria