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Hi you guys!

I want to share some new owl drawings I have made in my new art journal with the thick paper.

This is the first owl drawing I made. It is made of ink. :)


Owl_drawing_doodling_artwork_art_black_and_white_ink_journal_sketchbook_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_01_01 Owl_drawing_doodling_artwork_art_black_and_white_ink_journal_sketchbook_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_01_03

Here is another one! Made with marker and ink.



And this is the third one. This one is made with bullpen and ink.

Owl_drawing_doodling_artwork_art_black_and_white_ink_journal_sketchbook_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_03_02 Owl_drawing_doodling_artwork_art_black_and_white_ink_journal_sketchbook_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_03_01

So, what do you guys think?? which one is your favourite, and why? Please tell me in the comment below. :)

I am thinking about selling these originals on Etsy for those who are interested to buy them. I have not listed them yet, but will soon, so stay tuned!

– Maria

PS: if you really like my owls, but can not wait till they are listed on Etsy, you can check out my doodleartstore on Zazzle. :)