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Dear followers!

Thank you_followers_blog_wordpress_follow_blogging_art journal_300_Maria_Christina_Heidemann

I got 300 WordPress followers! According to the statistics in wordpress I also got one e-mail, 203 twitter and 8 facebook (my fb-friends excluded) followers from all over the world! I probably have some others who is not in the statistics aswell.

I just want to say thank you! Thank you for following my blog, commenting and liking my posts! You have no idea how much I appreciate it! It makes sharing my work and thoughts with you worth it!  It means alot to me to know people out there appreciate what I do and get inspired.

For me this blog has helped me get in touch with other creative and talented people all over the world. Those of you who also blog have also inspired me and my artwork, and some of you have given me really uplifting and inspiring feedback on my work through your comments and even fan-mail (I have never expected that)! Some of you are hobbyist, some professional who have been working in Disney, Pixar and with Lady Gaga, and some are talented and upcoming art students.

I hope you will continue to follow me, comment and like my posts! And again: THANK YOU! You are the best!