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Hi you guys!

First of all I have to say sorry for not being active on my blog for almost a week. I have been very busy lately. I hope you all are fine.

Here are some photos of the autumn taking over the nature in Norway.

These photos are from Semsvann, a lake in Asker.

Take a look at this tree! It is almost red! So beautiful.


It is challenging to take really pretty landscape or waterscape photography I think. Here are a photo of the sun lighting up the mountain, and the mountain reflected on the lake.


Here are some really cool cows with really long fur and massive horns! I think they look really cool and I regret not having my other zoom objective with me. The photos of the cows would be so much better with the other objective.



On these photos I was playing around with focus, the light and silhouettes of grass.



And finally, a waterscape photography of the lake with really nice light from the sky reflected on the water.


I hope you like the photos and I promise, I will be more active this coming week! :)


– Maria