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Sorry for no post yesterday and really late one today!


It is really beautiful outside now a days. Almost all the trees are orange and yellow. The trees are almost naked, loosing their leafs which are now covering the ground.

For me autumn is like nature dying in a way. It is like an end, and the start of something new. I feel it is just the way my life is at the moment. For me a calendar year kind of ends in the autumn and the new year starts in the winter.. Maybe it feels this way because I am born in late November. But this year I really do feel it is the end, and a start of something new. The reason for this is because many of my good friends and colleagues from Norsk Tipping (me included) does not work at there anymore. And the very sad thing is many of them has moved away. :( I really miss them. Luckily I still have some really good friends left here. The start of something new in my life is that I have started working freelance for two companies. One of them are a company called Fabelaktiv, where I am working as a project manager for a transmedia project in my spare time, and the other on is a company called Vixel, which is a subsidiary of a company called Scootr. I am working 60% in this company as a project manager and 3D and 2D animator! :-D So, the start of something new is something good! There are good and exciting things happening in my life. You have no idea how much I learn these days.

AND this is the reason why I am so busy and struggling with posting blog posts as often as I used to. :)

– Maria