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Hi guys!

Some few days ago my family and I went to the Christmas and farmers market in my childhood city, Trondheim. It was a very rainy day, but also a very tasty day. You have no idea how much food I ate.  :D

Here are some photos!



After walking around buying food and stuff, we went to a huge lavvo where it was a lot of benches to sit down, eat food, listen to live music and get some heat from all the fireplaces.

Fireplace_in_lavvo_tent_Trondheim_Christmas_Maria_Christina_Heidemann One of plenty fireplaces in the lavvo.


A guy singing.Fire_Family_in_tent_Maria_Christina_Heidemann

My dad, sister and uncle.

The snow has still not arrived here. :( Lets hope it will arrive tomorrow.
– Maria