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Hi guys!

Wow, I can not believe the last time I updated my blog was Christmas! Now it is almost Easter!  I know I need to start to posting blog posts more regular. It is just so hard when I have so much things to do, and so much things I want to do.

Do you follow me on Instagram? I recommend you to follow me if you wish to get more regular updates from me. It is so much easier to post a photo there than posting high quality photos here and write a post! But I will try to post more regular here! :)

So what has happened lately? Well I have been working with a transmedia project for Fabelaktiv, and now I am working 60% as a project manager for Vixel. Since I am only working 60% at the moment I hope I can become more active on my blog. :) Fingers crossed!

Other things.. I have been a little creative in my walk in closet..


And I have been skiing a lot! A lot and a lot! The snow arrived quite late here, but we got snow after new year. We hope the snow will not melt away just yet, because skiing is so fun!

I am really looking forward to the Easter. Here is a photography I shot last year.


You can read and see more from last year here.

I am hoping this Easter will be as good as last year.

– Maria