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Hi there you guys!


I’ve been in the cabin in the mountain this Easter. My uncles cabin does not have any electricity or water. There was also no phone reception in the area. I switched off my phone and using any other electrical devices over time was impossible. It is nice to just switch off everything once in a while. I called it a technological detox, and it is really relaxing.


My boyfriend and I have been cross country skiing and exploring the mountain. We wanted to try to make it to the top of the mountain called Bringen this year. But it was windy and I got a bit nervous while climbing up and preparing myself to ski down from the top AND afraid of been taken by an avalanche. So we turned a bit to early. The mountain is about 1060 meters over sea level, and we probably made it to 850 meters. :P



This is the view from where we decided to turn and ski down. This photo is taken with a GoPro.


And here is a selfie of us while climbing up.


We have decided to try it in the summer instead, gain more knowledge about avalanches through a course and buy more equipment like one more
avalanche transceiver. You kind of feel a bit lonely out there when you are only two in the big wilderness. It is positive to have more knowledge and good equipment when you explore the wild nature alone.

Here are some more photos from our vacation.

Here is a drawing I made of my uncles dog. He is a Gordon Setter, and he used to come with us to the cabin. I made this drawing some years ago and gave it to my uncle as a gift this Easter.
Drawing_dog_Gordon_setter_artwork_pencil_Tegning_Hund_kunst_blyant_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_02Here is my wonderful uncle. :)

And here is a photo shoot by my boyfriend.


Hope you too had a great Easter. :)

Hope you like my photos!

– Maria