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Hi there!

Hamar has really flourished with all its cherry blossoms everywhere. They are so pretty! The first time I ever discovered these flowers was when I lived in London. I really loved the spring in London when all the pink flowers coloured every single park in London! Now I have a really good reason to love the spring here in Hamar aswell since they have planted so many of them here.

Here are some photos I have taken of the cherry blossoms here in Hamar.

Cherryblossoms_Hamar_rosa_blomster_flowers_tree_tre_Norway_spring_vår_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_03 Cherryblossoms_Hamar_rosa_blomster_flowers_tree_tre_Norway_spring_vår_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_01 Cherryblossoms_Hamar_rosa_blomster_flowers_tree_tre_Norway_spring_vår_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_02

Hope you like them!

– Maria