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A week ago I took some photos of the flowers on my terrace. Take a look!


I have planted some strawberries in a flower box. We have so many flowers and I am really looking forward to when it is ready to harvest! I love strawberries!Terrace_garden_violet_lilac_blooming_blossoms_flowers_summer_lilla_violett_blomster_syrin_sommer_Maria_Christina_Heidemann_01

Next to  our terrace there is a lilac tree. The branches are reaching up to our terrace, making it look like it is a port of our terrace. It really makes our terrace very pretty and cozy when the flowers are blooming.

Here is another photo of some flowers I have on my terrace. I also have some other flowers and some herbs, but I did not photograph all of them. Flowers_Terrace_white_blossom_blooming_summer_blomster_hvite_prestekrage_Margritt_Maria_Christina_Heidemann

Hope you liked it!