Hi there!

My name is Maria Christina Heidemann. I am a 27 year old Norwegian woman, born and raised in Trondheim. At the moment I live in Hamar and run my own business called Heidemann Multimedia where I work as a freelance project manager for Fabelaktiv and Vixel.

I recently worked as an intern, consultant/multimedia designer, marketer and content marketer at Norsk Tipping. I have worked there for almost two years and had many different positions, but my main responsibilities/assignments used to be graphic design, animation, photography and film.

I have a BA in Animation; which I studied two of my first years at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication in London, and my last year at the University College in Hedmark, Hamar. Before I was studying Animation I also studied Multimedia Design one year at Rødde Folkehøgskole, Melhus.

This blog is a place where I share my photograps, art and other relevant inpiration and tips.

If you want to see my work, please visit:

You can contact me on mariachristina88@gmail.com.
I really hope you find my blog and work inspiring and entertaining.Feel free to comment and share my posts! I love it when people like my posts! :-D It makes me happy!
– Maria

23 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my page

  2. you have good skills, keep it going.

  3. do you do sketch animation? like cartoon?

  4. Great stuff here…I am glad that I’m not passed you by.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my art blog. I will enjoy checking out your illustrations.

  6. Hi Maria,

    I liked your artwork and I wish you the best in your endeavors. Just keep going for it, the world is open to animators. ;)


  7. One can breathe a lot of art on your blog.

  8. thanks for stopping by and following my blog! and I saw your portfolio, amazing stuff! :)

  9. I liked the self portraits. Now you just need a better lens; the model already is very beautiful. A lovely blog you have. Next week I am going to be on a trip through Fjord Norway. I think you live in a very beautiful country. Can’t wait to see the fjords :) Greetings

    • Marichris said:

      Thank you! :-) I’m going to buy a new lens by a friend soon. :-D I can’t wait! Hope you had a lovely week in Norway!

  10. As they say: a door closes and another opens. Good luck…

  11. Thanks for stopping by my page. Nice blog.

  12. nice work Maria….I’ll follow to see more!

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