Lille Norge Opplevelser

Since I’ve been writing in the “about”-page that I would write about my experiences in this blog, I was thinking that maybe it’s time to write about what I’ve been doing and my experiences at Lille Norge opplevelser (Little Norway adventures).

For those of you who don’t know, I’m kind of a trainee or something (not sure what the correct name for it is in English) at Lille Norge opplevelser as an animator and 3D-generalist. It all started when I met my boss on a creative networking meeting in Hamar. I called her after some weeks and asked if it was possible to get a trainee position in her company and the timing was perfect because they had a lot of things going on and needed some help to finish their projects in time.

About Lille Norge opplevelser and how I got here

Lille Norge opplevelser is owned by my boss Hanne k. Bjørke, who’s plan is to make an Adventure park based on Norwegian culture, folklore and fairy tales. She’s been recognized by Innovation of Norway, which’s given her money to support her unique ideas.


One of her first pieces of the puzzle is the character “Risse i Budorskogen” (Risse in the Budorforest). A little forest elf (I’ve been calling him a pixie all the time, but we are having some discussions about the correct translation). Risse is the project we are currently working on, and he is beginning to become quite popular among the local kids.

To be honest it’s really hard for me to know where to start. You have no idea how much I have learned through the 9 past months!

3d, rigging and animation

One of the first assignment I had was to rig the 3d-model of Risse. Risse had become the mascot for the Norwegian Ski Championship this winter, and we were planning to make animations for the big screen on the arena, and for broadcasting.

We also had some students working on a pilot production as their Bachelor assignment. They were making a trailer for a film in 3d and also needed a rig. Here is their finished product.

Before this assignment I’ve only rigged like one time in my entire life, which was a really, really basic and not really good rig. I used tutorials all the way, and I gained more knowledge about rigging. Here is a demo of the rig I made.

If you are wondering which tutorials I used here is the link. Poly-face is a website with free tutorials for beginners. Using these tutorials was OK, but the guy is making some mistakes during the tutorial, so keep in mind that he will use some extra time correcting them.

When I finished rigging I had to start animating right away. It was only one week left till the Norwegian Championship. When I started animating my computer crashed and had to be sent away for service. It was a really bad timing but my colleague was kind and let me borrow his computers (yes, I borrowed more than one. First the old one, then his new one). I finished my animation after animating for 3-4 days. It was finished just in time, but it turned out that the animation only would be played on the big screen at the arena and not on TV.

Here is the animation I made.

I was having soooo much trouble with the rig and model while animating. I actually I did not finish the skinning on the legs for this animation. I had to finish the skinning on the legs afterwards and also fixed the arms a bit. After some tweaking I made this walk cycle animation, just to get some animation out of my system.

I also got an assignment to animate Risse pushing a book in to the scene, opening the book and look in to it and say, “it’s time for a fairy tale”. Therefore I made this book, and rigged it. It’s possible to open and close it. :-) And I made it all by my self, with noooo help from tutorials. It’s cool to know enough about rigging to be able to make my own basic rigs with no help from tutorials.



At the moment I’m working on the animation. :-) I hope I have time to finish the animation soon. I want to upload and share it with you.

The Comic Magazine

During this time we also released the comic for Risse. I helped out with inking and coloring. I also made some sketches for one of the cool posters inside it.


The Norwegian Championship 2013

And then the Norwegian Championship was here.


This is the most awesome team in the world! :-) Hehe.

We were selling the comic magazines. We were also walking around in the mascots costumes as Risse & Misseline. I was in Misseline, Risse’s best friend. We also got some teenage girls to walk around in the mascot costumes during the biggest event. You have no idea how warm it gets inside these costumes. Lucky us it was winter and cold outside. Looking through the eyes is also really hard. I have knocked down sooo many kids by accident just because I did not see them. Poor children.

Risse_NM_Children_Maskott_Mascot_Huging_klem_Budor_2013The cool thing is that the mascots are like celebrities. They are so popular among the kids. They actually need a lifeguard to watch over them when a huge amount of children are around, or else, it’s not possible to move.

I have also never been hugged so many times, and written so many autographs as when I was Misseline. :-P When you walk inside a mascot costume you always smile. :-)

One of the days I was really sick, but it didn’t stop me. I went anyway. I never regret it because we had so much fun. I also was able to walk around everywhere, and when the big stars came in to the finish line, I was able to stand among the press photographers, and fight with them to get the perfect shot. I have to admit, I got the perfect photography of the biggest star for them all; Petter Northug.


It was a lifetime experience.


We also had many activities at Budor during this winter. Most of them were skiing events. When the children passed the finishing line, we gave them goodies bags, and a “I have attended to – and the name of the event” card.


You have nooo idea how many people who attended to our events! It has really been amazing, and I had so much fun with the kids and my team.

The blog

During these past months I have also been the moderator and author for Risse’s own blog. :-) Check it out!


The play

I’ve also been writing a play called “StompiLomp”, where I also was one of the actors. It was a really fun and exiting. We had no idea how many people who would attend to the play. Lucky us, tons of people and kids showed up and they loved it!


Current projects

At the moment we are working very focused on a TV series for kids. We also have some programmers who are developing game/app for android with Risse. I can’t wait to show you this stuff, because it’s awesome! :-D

I’m not sure if I can tell you more than this, but I can tell you that you really should stay tuned, because a lot of exiting stuff will be happening soon.

I hope you got an overview of what I’ve been doing these last months. The funny thing is what I’ve been writing, only scratches the surface of what I’ve been doing and working with. :-)

As I told you on my last post, yesterday was kind of my “last day” at Lille Norge Opplevelser. :-( but, I will be working with our projects in my spare time, and hopefully, I will be back after my summer internship.

– Maria

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