Norsk Tipping – Summer internship 2013


During five weeks of the summer of 2013, I had an internship at Norsk Tipping. We were a group of five, where everyone had different responsibilities and skills. Three of us was programmers, one had the responsibility for the marketing, and I was the animator/graphic designer.

Our task was to develop prototypes of concepts for games and services for Norsk Tipping.

In five weeks we had several presentations where our mentors were helping us to keep on track and to create the best prototypes as possible. In the end of the summer we came back to Norsk Tipping and had a presentation for the management team and the directors at Norsk Tipping.

I had so much fun working at Norsk Tipping and our projects. Working with the other interns was really fun. We got along well from the very first moment and the collaboration was good.

The internship had many applicants and it was a miracle I got one of the positions! :-) I’m really happy I got it, because I had so much fun! It was a dream job, and I really hope I will be working with something similar in the future.

The local newspaper in Hamar made an article about us and our internship. You can read it here, but it’s in Norwegian (don’t underestimate the power of Google translate!).

Hopefully some of our products will be released during this autumn. I will keep you updated on everything!


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